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About GKIDS 2.0

Purpose of GKIDS 2.0

The information gathered will help teachers plan instruction and communicate with families about their child's development and growth through the skills and concepts in the Kindergarten GSE standards​. With GKIDS 2.0, teachers will have information to share with families as they work together to ensure children find success in kindergarten and are prepared for first grade. All kindergarteners enrolled in a Georgia public schools will be assessed using GKIDS 2.0.

Impact of GKIDS 2.0

GKIDS 2.0 is designed to be "invisible" to students, occurring through routine instruction and classroom activities. Results from GKIDS 2.0 will help identify what your child already knows and needs to learn next. GKIDS 2.0 also provides teachers a way to monitor your child’s growth in kindergarten that is developmentally appropriate.


Teachers will use the results of GKIDS 2.0 to help plan appropriate instruction and to better understand each student's strengths and areas of need. Teachers will also share the results with families to support learning and development at home.