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​​When does GKIDS 2.0 take place?

GKIDS 2.0 takes place throughout the kindergarten year. There is not a designated administration window.

How will my child be assessed?

Tasks included in GKIDS 2.0 are designed to allow some flexibility for the teacher during administration. For some skills, teachers may observe student performance during the course of regular classroom instruction. For others, teachers may administer the tasks one-on-one, in small group, or whole group settings as appropriate. Teachers may use tasks provided by the Georgia Department of Education or other activities which measure the same knowledge and skills.

How can I prepare my child for GKIDS 2.0?

Engaging in learning activities with your child at home can help prepare your child for his or her kindergarten year as well as the tasks included in GKIDS 2.0. Reading books, talking, playing games, and social interactions all support children's learning and development. This website provides additional information on GKIDS 2.0 and includes resources and activity ideas that will help you support your child at home.

If my child has an individual education plan or a plan for language learners, will he or she participate in GKIDS 2.0?

GKIDS 2.0 is accessible to all students in kindergarten classrooms, including students with disabilities and English learners. Because teachers have the freedom to assess per the individual needs of each student, standard accommodations are allowed if the accommodations are a part of the student's IEP, IAP, or EL/TPC plan. GKIDS 2.0 is designed to be administered within the kindergarten setting.

How will my child's teacher use the results of GKIDS 2.0?

Teachers will use the results of GKIDS 2.0 to help plan appropriate instruction and to better understand each student's strengths and areas of need. Teachers will also share the results with families to support learning and development at home.

Will I receive my child's results of GKIDS 2.0?

Your child's teacher will share the results of your child's performance throughout the school year and discuss ways to work together in supporting your child's learning and development. An individual student report will be shared which summarizes your child's performance in each of the required areas of learning (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Approaches to Learning, and Personal and Social Development).